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          Property Management of Andover: 978-683-4101


A/C & Heat (original installers):
          Lamco: 978-649-3868

Aluminum Storm Doors:

Appliance Recyclers:

Carpentry, Skylight & Patio Doors Replacements:
          John Gass: 603-595-9680
          Allan MacLeod: 603-595-2368
          Property Management of Andover 

Chimney Repair/Inspection:
          Chimney Doctor, 50 Beharrell St., Concord MA 978-369-7072

Computer Repair and Wireless Networks:
          House Calls PC ( 781-281-1944

Duct Cleaning:
         Advanced Duct Cleaning - Jay Ducharme, 978-251-3990,

Electrician/Smoke Detector Repairs/Replacements:
          Crowe Electric: 978-453-6696

Garage Door Replacements:
          Pelham Building Supply: 603-635-7555
          Chelmsford Garage Door 115 Elm St, Chelmsford MA 978-256-7039

Interior Painting:
          David Miller: 603-219-6916

Mailbox Lock Replacement/Locksmith:
          Post Office Locksmith: 978-453-6616

         Ed Forte - 978-479-3735

Windows and Doors Replacement
          PMA Maintenance - 978-683-4101

Windows, Doors, Decks and Patio Doors
         Wilmington Window and Door - (978) 658-9825

Window Cleaning:
          Champion Cleaning: 800-979-1911

Window/Glass installation, seal replacement
         M&M Storefront Glass and Mirror - Mathew Weis - 978-339-5437

Window Replacements:
          The Window Medics ( 603-724-5721
           (Repair ONLY, approved replacement windows are Harvey brand Majesty line only)

New Windows and small interior work:
            Bill, Tricomi Remodeling, Burlington – Mass. (home phone) 781-272-4313 (cell) 781-864-5974


DISCLAIMER: The above are contractors who have performed services for Scotty Hollow Condominium Trust or were referred to us by individual homeowners who have utilized them. Scotty Hollow Condominium Trust does not guarantee their workmanship.



This site is provided by Property Management of Andover, Inc.