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Condo Rules

The undersigned Trustees, in accordance with the powers set forth in the Declaration of Trust of Scotty Hollow Condominiums under Declaration of Trust dated October 24, 1984 and recorded with Middlesex North District Registry of Deeds in Book 2876, Page 269, hereby adopt the following Rules and Regulations. Said Rules and Regulations shall supersede and replace all Rules and Regulations previously adopted. Such Rules and Regulations shall apply to all home owners and occupants of units and their tenants, servants, employees, agents, visitors and licensees.

1. ADDITIONS TO EXTERIOR OF THE BUILDING. Changes affecting the appearance of the exterior of any building, such as skylights, chimneys, decorations, awnings, signs, sun shades, air conditioning equipment, antennas (satellite dishes in common areas), fans, screens and enclosures, or other changes shall be made only with the consent of the Trustees of the Condominium Trust (the "Trustees"). Holiday decorations shall be removed within two weeks following the holiday. Fasteners that deface or scar the exterior of the buildings are prohibited.

2. NOISE. All owners, guests, tenants and occupants shall reduce noise levels between the hours of 10:00 P.M. and 9:00 A.M. so that neighbors are not disturbed. At no time are musical instruments, radios, stereos or televisions to be so loud as to create a nuisance.

3. OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT AND CHILDREN'S PLAYTHINGS. No cooking equipment, lawn furniture, bicycles, children's wheeled vehicles, toys or other personal property or equipment shall be kept or left in or on the Common Areas and Facilities, except for appropriate seasonal furniture which shall be maintained and located in such fashion as to meet safety and aesthetic standards established by the Trustees from time to time. All equipment and furniture shall be removed from common areas immediately after use.

4. CLOTHES LINES. No clothing, linens or other articles shall be hung or otherwise left or placed in or on the Common Areas and Facilities, nor shall any such articles be placed in a Home so as to be exposed to public view.

5. IMPROVEMENTS TO COMMON AREAS AND FACILITIES. Improvements to and landscaping of the Common Areas and Facilities shall be done or authorized only by the Trustees.

6. IMPROPER USE OF COMMON AREAS AND FACILITIES. There shall be no use of the Common Areas and Facilities which defaces, injures or scars them, increases the maintenance thereof, or embarrasses, disturbs or annoys any Home Owner or occupant. Yard sales, garage sales or similar activities are not permitted, out of consideration for nearby home owners' privacy.

7. HOUSEHOLD PETS. No dogs, cats or other animals may be kept in any Home without the prior written consent of the Trustees. Pet registration application can be found here. All pets must be curbed in all Common Areas and Facilities, and no pet shall be left unattended in the Common Areas and Facilities. If any pet creates offensive noise, is allowed outdoors except on a leash, or in any way creates a disturbance, the Trustees may revoke their consent and require that the pet be removed from the Condominium, and the Owner of the pet shall immediately comply with such request. Each owner shall hold the Trustees and each of the other Home Owners and their respective agents and employees harmless against loss, liability, damage or expense resulting from any actions of his or her pet(s) within the Condominium. Outdoor cats are not permitted; loose cats are removed from the community.

8. PARKING SPACES. No Home Owner, tenant or guest shall interfere with the rights of other Home Owners and tenants to use the parking spaces in their intended manner. Repairing or servicing of vehicles within the parking areas is prohibited. All washing of vehicles shall be performed in the rear of the Buildings. No overnight parking (midnight to 6:00 A.M.) is permitted on the front side of the Buildings. No commercial vehicles will be allowed to be parked adjacent to or within the permitted parking spaces of condominium units or in the cul-de-sac in front of the C-circle area, other than vendors' vehicles that are actively servicing a home.

9. SIGNS. Home Owners may not display any signs in windows of their Units or in the Common Areas and Facilities, nor may Home Owners place window displays or advertising materials in the windows or Common Areas and Facilities.

10. ABUSE OF MECHANICAL SYSTEMS. The Trustees may charge to a Home Owner any damage to the mechanical, electrical, or other building service system of the Condominium caused by such Home Owner by misuse of those systems.

11. CAMPER, TRAILER, BOAT, TRUCK, ETC. STORAGE. With the exception of pickup trucks without commercial lettering or signs affixed and passenger vans without commercial lettering or signs affixed, properly parked in the designated home parking spaces or in the cul-de-sac in front of the C-circle area, no trucks or similar heavy-duty vehicles, no snowmobiles, no boats, no utility trailers, no boat trailers, and no camping trailers will be allowed within open areas of the Condominium unless appropriate temporary storage arrangements have been made in advance and approved by the Trustees.
Properly registered and insured two-axle trucks with a GVW not in excess of 12,000 lbs. may be parked in the designated overflow parking area located adjacent to the sewerage treatment plant. Commercial and passenger vans, commercial and non-commercial pick-up trucks, commercial and passenger so-called sport utility vehicles and passenger cars may also be parked in the designated overflow parking area located adjacent to the sewerage treatment plant, if properly registered and insured.
Failure to park as specified by the Trustees shall result in the vehicle or trailer being towed and all costs and expenses of the towing shall be charged to the Home Owner and to be collected as an unpaid Common Area fee. If any person parks vehicles and/or trailers as referred to in this Section in any area of the Condominium the vehicle and property therein is at the sole risk of such person, and not the responsibility of the Trustees.

12. OFFENSIVE ACTIVITIES. No Home Owner or occupant may use or maintain his or her Home or the Common Areas and Facilities for any purpose or in any manner which is contrary to any applicable law, rule, regulation or requirement of any governmental authority or for any purpose which would constitute a nuisance or be offensive.

13. FIREWOOD. Firewood may be stored in the buildings in a neatly stacked manner in a dry environment. The Home Owner must inspect the wood regularly to determine if the wood is free of insects. If a health or safety hazard exists, the Trustees have the right to order the Home Owner to remove the wood from the Home immediately and the Home Owner shall pay all costs of pest extermination. Firewood may be kept in the Common Areas immediately adjacent to the units in a neat stack and in an aesthetically pleasing manner and in no event on the sod.

14. TRASH AND/OR RECYCLABLE PICK UP. All trash and recycling bins shall be placed outdoors either the night before (after 8:00 P.M.) or the morning of the designated trash collection day. Trash containers of any type may not be stored outside the Units at any time. For the complete 2016/17 Chelmsford recycling/trash guide and schedule, click here.

15. SNOW REMOVAL. Snow removal requires vehicles to be moved to aid the snow removal contractors in their job. Residents who will be away during snow times must arrange to have a neighbor move their vehicle(s) at the appropriate times or please park your vehicle(s) in the overflow parking area for snow removal procedures to be performed. Please refer to this link for additional information.

16. TENANTS. Any Home Owner who leases his or her Home shall provide a copy of the signed lease agreement to the Condominium Trustees. Each lease agreement shall provide that the tenant's failure to comply with the provisions of the Master Deed, Declaration of Trust, or Rules and Regulations of the Condominium shall constitute a breach of the lease agreement. Each Home Owner shall also provide a copy of the aforesaid documents to his or her tenants. Each Home Owner shall be responsible for the payment of any fines or fees assessed by the Condominium Trustees for violations committed by his or her tenants.

17. COMPLAINTS. Complaints of violations of these Rules and Regulations should be made in writing to the Trustees in care of the management company, if one exists. If the Trustees determine the complaint is justified, they shall take whatever action they deem necessary and shall notify the complainant in writing of such action, if any.

18. FINES. The Trustees shall give written notice to any Home Owner who violates the provisions of the Master Deed, Declaration of Trust, or Rules and Regulations. In the case of a tenant, such notice shall be sent to the tenant, with a copy thereof to the Home Owner. If such violation continues seventy hours after receipt of such notice, the Trustees may assess a fine of $10.00 the first day, and $20.00 for each successive day such violation continues. Such fines shall apply per incident, per rule.

19. UNPAID COMMON AREA FEES. All common area fees shall be due and payable on the first day of each month. A late fee shall be assessed for any payment not received by the tenth day of the month. The late fee shall be $10.00 for the first late payment, and $20.00 for each subsequent late payment. No warnings will be issued prior to imposition of late fees.

20. COLLECTION OF FINES AND LATE FEES. All fines and late fees shall be collected by the Condominium Trustees in the same manner as unpaid common area fees, and shall constitute a lien on the Home of the Owner assessed until paid.

21. AMENDMENT. The Trustees may amend these Rules and Regulations at any time, provided that written notice thereof is sent to each Home Owner setting forth in full any such amendment.

22. DELEGATION. The Trustees shall have the authority and duty to enforce these Rules and Regulations, but, in their discretion, may delegate such enforcement authority and duties under these Rules and Regulations to whomever they deem desirable.



1) GRILLS: The State Fire Marshall has issued the following advisory: "LP-gas grills are not permitted inside or on balconies above the first floor of any building where people live."
"LP-gas is heavier than air and sinks. A leaky grill could pose a hazard to people below. Possible ignition sources include smoking materials, air conditioners, compressors, pilot lights and cars."

2) SPEED: Vehicles must be operated in our complex in a slow, safe manner at all times. Please help all of us to keep each other safe.


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